ISP Services

Et-IT Consultancy delivers advanced internet solutions, seamlessly connecting Brazil’s north and the Caribbean through VSAT and Optic Fiber technologies with site surveys and maintenance services.

Internet by VSAT and Optic Fiber

Experience the best of both worlds with our VSAT and Optic Fiber internet services. VSAT technology ensures a robust connection, ideal for remote locations, while Optic Fiber delivers lightning-fast speeds perfect for urban areas. Wherever you are in Brazil or the Caribbean, Et-IT Consultancy has you covered.

Site Survey

Recognizing the uniqueness of every location, our skilled team conducts thorough site surveys to analyze terrain and recommend optimal solutions. This proactive approach ensures a smooth installation process and minimizes disruptions, guaranteeing you the best connectivity experience.


Our commitment extends beyond installation. Et-IT Consultancy provides ongoing maintenance services to keep your internet infrastructure in prime condition. Regular check-ups and preventive measures ensure issues are identified and addressed before they impact your connectivity.

Geographical Coverage:

Covering Brazil’s northern region and the serene Caribbean islands, Et-IT Consultancy ensures connectivity reaches even the most remote locations. No challenge is too great for our dedicated team of professionals as we strive to keep you connected, regardless of your geographical location.

Why Choose Et-IT Consultancy?

1. **Reliability:**
Our cutting-edge technologies and redundant systems guarantee a reliable internet connection, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted service.

2. **Expertise:**
Benefit from our years of industry experience as our experts navigate the unique challenges presented by the Brazilian and Caribbean landscapes.

3. **Customer-Centric Approach:**
Et-IT Consultancy prioritizes customer satisfaction, tailoring services to meet individual client needs. Your success is our success.


Elevate your connectivity experience with Et-IT Consultancy, your trusted partner in ISP services. From high-speed internet using VSAT and Optic Fiber to meticulous site surveys and proactive maintenance, we are dedicated to ensuring your seamless connectivity. Explore the possibilities in Brazil’s north and the captivating Caribbean region with Et-IT Consultancy. Stay connected, stay ahead!