Since its inception, we have been providing guaranteed solutions that help companies recover from incidents and resume operations as quickly as possible.

What we do

Provide solutions to companies who like to focus on their core businesses in various applicable branches. Additionally bringing quality and business continuity to accelerate in the best possible way. We help clients think innovatively for a healthy, secure & safe business environment.

What we stand for

  • Guaranteed Solutions
  • Assured Security
  • Business Continuity
  • Business Growth


Maintain customer satisfaction by automating services by linking the missing pieces in any business. With a focus on guaranteed solutions and customer trust, our team has a proven track record of strong local and international support.


Dedicated to growing your business with local and international customers, we provide reliable support for all your IT automation solutions and adaptation of functional technologies in a fast-growing digital infrastructure such as cloud solutions: Azure, AWS, M365, Power Platform, Google Cloud, on-premises and Hybrid.


Et-IT Consultancy started in 2017 with a team of young innovative IT professionals with various qualifications from Cisco, SQL, A+ Technicians, Network+ Technicians, MCSA and MCSE, which further specialized in IT project management skill, Networking and Communications, Cloud data solutions.

With more than 10 years of IT experiences, supporting various platforms such as, Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Managing, maintaining, and implementing corporate computer networks were already a routine, including system migration and integration with existing network scenarios.